Frequently Asked Questions

Whether You're A Student Or A School, Here's Everything You Need To Noodle Ahead.

Are You Sure Noodle Is Free? Even the Counseling?
Where Does Your Data Come From?
Can I Correct Or Delete The Information On My Profile?
How Does Noodle Make Money?
I Found Something On Your Site That’s Not Accurate. What Should I Do?
What Is A Noodle Expert?
How Did Noodle Get Its Name?
Are You Hiring?
I Read All Of This, But Am Not Sure I Fully Understand. What Is Noodle?
This Is All Nice, But I Need To Prepare For This Fall. How Can You Help Right Now?
Should I Launch Online Programs That Are As Good As My Campus-Based Programs, Or MOOC-Like Programs With Low Tuition But Low Student:Faculty Engagement?
You Speak A Lot About Agility. Do You Simply Mean That You Build Hybrid Programs?
Is Noodle A Shortcut To Building A Program And Then Maintaining It On Your Own?
What Technologies Does Noodle Invest In?
Doesn’t A Revenue-Share Give A Partner “Skin In The Game”? What’s Noodle’s Incentive?
Have You Ever Stopped Working With A School?
What Type Of Investors Back Noodle?