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For The Right School

Noodle helps you find the right college or graduate program, and the best path to get in and pay for it.

We understand your journey; we partner with dozens of top universities, helping them use technology to lower tuition and improve access to their programs. While we’re partial to those institutions, we’ll help you find the right path regardless, even if that means suggesting another school that’s right for you–or recommending other options if school isn’t the right path for you right now.

Expert Counseling

92% of students who join us for a free 20-minute counseling session leave feeling more confident and excited about their future. If you want 1:1 help, schedule a call and we’ll connect you to top counselors and test prep professionals from across the country.

We’ll point you toward the right path, whether that’s a Noodle program or not.

Online Learning
From Top Schools

There’s never been a better time to study online. But even before COVID, almost 20% of all students, and 35% of graduate students, were studying online.

Explore and learn more about the leading online and hybrid (mixed online and on-campus) programs— we’re sure you’ll find something you like.

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