A New Kind
Of Education Network

Noodle Partners supports a growing network of great universities. Our online and hybrid programs enhance student-faculty engagement, raise capacity and resilience, lower operational costs, and leverage opportunities for collaboration between institutions.

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Better Than
Conventional OPMs

If you want to launch stellar online and agile programs and fill them with qualified students, we are more transparent, more flexible and less expensive than conventional OPMs (generally saving schools between $15,000 and $30,000 per student over the life of a program).

We help universities strengthen their internal resources and tap into our network of providers to address competitive challenges and seize opportunities.

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Better Than
Doing It Yourself

Noodle invests millions of dollars each year in innovative tech, negotiates with providers on behalf of our whole network, and closely monitors performance against benchmark data to build excellent programs while saving schools and students money.

Lacking those network effects, programs built in-house are generally undifferentiated and small (averaging under 30 students), even as they cobble together outside providers across core functional areas.

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Better Than

Online is the fastest-growing segment in higher education; it’s unlikely to drop back below 50% of graduate school and adult learner enrollment even post-COVID.

For innovative universities, using technology well can mitigate risk and add resilience, increase access to your programs, and generate tuition revenue to reinvest in key initiatives.

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We were fortunate to find a partner that agreed with our vision and aligned with our goals. Noodle Partners has worked closely with us to keep costs down and quality high.

– Laurie Cochenour, in "Inside Higher Ed",
Director of Online Learning University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

A Powerful
Economic Model

Noodle helps universities lower costs while raising student:faculty engagement. Our systems and contracts are designed to be extraordinarily cost-effective, whether you want to run a few online programs or to create a sophisticated infrastructure to better attract and support students and faculty.

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And A Path
To An Agile Campus

More efficient and more resilient than online or on-campus programs are agile programs, which utilize a single set of systems–one tech stack, one learning design team, one marketing and recruiting effort– allowing your students to learn in either modality.

Those systems are an evolving blend of your internal resources and the staff and technology of Noodle and our partners.

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Collaboration. At Scale.

Noodle Partners leads teams through the challenges of an online transition, freeing up time for you and your faculty to focus on what matters most. Critically, we can leverage your school’s internal resources; many of our partners use their own on-campus learning design teams.

Rather than raise student/faculty ratios, we help you reduce net tuition a better way– by raising online capacity and making your support systems more efficient.