What Is

Noodle is transforming the way prospective students find and learn about degree programs. We bring together expert counselors, great schools, real-time information, and helpful tools to manage the process from the first web search to the first day of class. 

Noodle Partners creates excellent online and agile programs that elevate campus-wide teaching and technology. Since January 2019, Noodle Partners has launched as many online degree programs with elite US universities as have all our competitors combined

Together, our network of universities, higher education leaders, providers, and students fuel innovation and efficiency in learning design, marketing, student recruitment, technology, student and faculty support, and clinical placement.


Higher Ed in the US is excellent, but simply too expensive. Using technology, expertise, and our growing network, we can reduce tuition significantly while enhancing engagement, capacity, and outcomes.

  • We help students more than any website solely ranking programs, especially through our free counseling.
  • We help universities more than conventional OPMs because our services are inexpensive, flexible and transparent.
  • More importantly, we help schools do something better, more impactful, and less expensive than do-it-yourself efforts...or the paralysis that some schools currently face.
  • We help excellent technology and service providers show off their work in a polished, integrated platform (if you’ve got something you want to show us, click here).

Who Is

The Noodle team is responsible for some of the best online undergraduate and graduate programs in America. Some team members worked at OPMs, while others created and managed online programs while working for universities.

Our varied backgrounds allow us to synthesize technology, pedagogy, management, policy and marketing perspectives. Many of us still teach, and others write for leading publications.

We think and argue about the future and are committed to creating great educational opportunities for all students. We hope you’ll join us and build something extraordinary. 

When Is

If you’re a student thinking about college or graduate school, or you’re a college or university that wants to reduce costs while increasing engagement and capacity, now is the right time to Noodle.

How Is

We were founded by John Katzman, who created and ran The Princeton Review and 2U before he finally got it right with Noodle.

We have been funded by the top education venture firms, including Owl Ventures, ReThink Education, NewMarkets, Osage Ventures (sister to Osage University Partners), The Spring Fund, and The Lumina Foundation.

We continue to invest in great technology and systems to help our schools build world-class programs; if you’re a Growth Equity Firm interested in investing with us, please contact Meredith Ruble, our excellent CFO.

Where Is

Our staff is spread all over the US and Asia, but our home office is in Union Square in New York City. We call it the Ed Tech Factory because it was once Andy Warhol’s Factory. Click here to contact us anytime.